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Silent Witness SW010 Dash Cam

Silent Witness SW010 Dash Cam

The Silent Witness SW010 forward facing Vehicle Accident Camera discreetly sits on its quick release windscreen mount continually recording your whole journey in front of you.

In case of an incident its built in G-Sensor will ring fence approximately 20 seconds of audio and 10 seconds of video before and after the incident so it won???t be overwritten. The footage being filmed is provided with a date and time stamp along with a GPS location stamp.

Key Features:

Records Sound and Video,

Full HD ,
GPS, Software - Gps logging,

Google maps and Speed,

Colour display,

supplied with 8Gb Micro SD card built in with usb reader, HDMI lead,

Video Resolution - The unit records in Full HD - 1080p - 720p.
Digital Camera - The unit can take Jpeg photos in 12m - 8m - 5m - 3m.
Webcam - The unit when connected to the pc can be used as a webcam.
TV Out - The unit has a HDMI port, so it can be plugged direct into a tv. (HDMI lead Included)
G Sensor - The G sensor activates when the vehicle has been involved in a accident, and saves the data in a event folder,to help find the video quickly.
Time & Date - The time and date is stamped in the video for evidence of time at location.
Driver Stamp - This function helps if you have a fleet of vehicle 1-9, the video cards can be stamped with a number, so numbers can be allocated to a certain vehicle.
Loop setting - Loop setting is the amount of time the video records before making a new file, 1, 3 or 5 minute video files can be used. When the card is full the unit will write over the oldest file first
Power off screen - the screen can be set to switch off after 1,3 or 5 minutes so that is does not distract the driver.

VOID Stickers - In the box you will get 3 serial VOID stickers, these are particularly useful with companies and fleet vehicles, Management will insert the sd card and then place a void sticker (which has a serial number) over the top. This stops customers or staff removing the card without notice, when the sticker is removed, it will leave "void" security text on the device, so you know the driver has tampered with the device.
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Silent Witness SW010

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